Accelerate your leadership influence, impact and joy with actionable change you can implement immediately. Lead the company you keep, focused on high performance with courage and heart.


How far could you go?

How great could you be?

What change will you lead?


Unlocking potential for you and your people is critical to success as a leader. You only achieve outstanding results when you master leading from the inside-out. We know this. We see this.

The struggle is real. Lack of clarity, conviction and compelling communication of purpose, vision and strategy leaves people confused and demotivated. Culture disintegrates and innovation opportunities are squandered. We can help.

High performing individuals and teams understand what makes them tick and leverage their collective talents and execution skills to deliver remarkable results. We want this for you.


Acceleration and immersion are evidence-based approaches that underpin the design of all our leadership development programmess.

We go fast and far, and dive deep to master the fundamentals of authentic leadership.

We focus on both behaviours and skills. When you lead from the inside-out your results reflect not only what you do but most importantly who you are.


  • Clarifying your leadership purpose, vision and values
  • Identify what successful leadership looks like for you
  • Expanding your self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Optimising you by mastering your fundamentals
  • Leading with learning,  getting in and out of your head
  • The heart of honest conversations
  • Speakership
  • Building high performing teams
  • Giving and receiving fertilising feedback
  • Planning for making the learning stick


  • Experienced business leaders  – MD’s, CEO’s, Directors, who want to refresh and reinvigorate their leadership understandings
  • Senior leaders, functional or departments heads – Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, HR Managers, who are responsible for the ongoing development of other leaders
  • Team leaders who want to further develop their leadership capability
  • Emerging leaders who are ready to take the next step in their leadership journey
  • Self-employed professionals / consultants who want to accelerate their ability to influence and lead clients and projects
  • Professionals who are taking more responsibility for leading others
  • Technical experts who have been asked to lead others
  • Participants of high potential programs


01. But first, breathe: know your why

  • Increase your leadership capacity by understanding what anchors your leadership – defining your leadership purpose

  • Clarify your primary leadership strengths and values and manage alignment to amplify your effectiveness

02. Taking the lead: what does successful leadership look like?

  • Identify leadership roles and what successful leadership looks like in your personal and professional contexts

  • Learn to distinguish between the being and doing of leadership

  • Explore the differences between leadership and management

  • Unpack the 3 C’s of contemporary leadership: clarity, confidence, commitment

03. The heart of the matter: who you are is how you lead

  • Expand your self-awareness

  • Wrangle with emotional intelligence

  • Establish the value of vulnerability, authenticity and trust as the platform for high performance

  • Debunking the myths of personality profiling

  • Getting a handle on what you are like to work with/for, and develop a plan for improvement

04. Optimising you: mastering the fundamentals

  • The constant challenge of equalising emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being

  • Learn the foundational habits of positive psychology for leaders

  • Unpack the 3 A’s of contemporary leadership: accountability, agility, action

  • Planning and committing to your non-negotiables

05. Speakership: mastering the art of oration and the science of influence

  • Learn how to lead out loud from the front of the room

  • Harness the power of storytelling

  • Communicating with influence 1:1, 1:a few, 1:many

06. Trust: the heart of high performing teams

  • Where am I? Conscious leadership, above and below the line thinking

  • Dive into Lencioni – being brave and getting past dysfunction in your work or project teams

  • Building Tribal Leadership – how to create culture without cults

07. Encourage courage: coaching, giving and receiving fertilising feedback

  • Figure out what you fear and how it holds you back

  • Understand the Significance, Competency, Likeability model that underpins our fear of feedback

  • Making courage contagious

  • Identify the most effective coaching model for you and your people

  • Listening for leaders – learn to interpret the silence

  • Expand your ability to nail the big and small tough stuff

08. So now what: making the learning stick

  • Set up for next level success

  • Cultivate the ability to take in the view

  • Identify your business and people landscape – develop a plan for the challenges and opportunities

Are you ready to fly? Do you want to lead with courage and heart? Are you prepared to do the work to become an inspired, inspirational leader?

Invest two days with THE COMPANY YOU KEEP to explore and expand your leadership potential and capability.

Two Day Workshop $3,200 + GST; includes:

  • One night’s accommodation.
  • Catering: including morning and afternoon teas, lunches, plus dinner on day one and breakfast on day two.
  • All course materials including pre-reading and post-workshop follow up.

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Accelerated Inside-Out Leadership

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