Brought in to help the tech genius founders of Airbnb, Chip Conley has an interesting take on age diversity in the workplace.

The standout show of 2018, Nanette, is confronting, compelling, comedy. Clever, so bloody clever, thought provoking and a fantastic example of leading with courage and heart. Hannah Gadsby is an Australian hero.

Mohr’s book is a rousing call to action for women everywhere to step up and play a bigger game, whatever that means for them. It’s part inspiration, part manifesto and includes practical steps for working with your inner critic. It’s good.

A fascinating look into the flawed science and enduring popularity of the Myers-Briggs personality testing tool. At best a reflection tool that increases self-awareness, at worst a dangerously confining and restrictive test that is wrongly revered by HR departments everywhere. What do you think?