Leadership starts with WHO you are, not your title or the size of your salary.

Leadership – it’s a choice. And we’ve each made ours. Frustrated with the bullshit and false confidence that parades as the real thing, sick of the damage suffered by people whose leaders fail them we are now dedicated to helping other leaders step into authentic leadership. High performance is an absolute focus for us. We’re committed to unleashing leaders who lead with courage and heart, who know what makes them and others tick. Leaders who understand that challenging and growing their people is not a part of their job, it is the job.

Leadership can be ugly, overwhelming and lonely. At the heart of the matter leadership is being the change you want to see in others – role modelling that behaviour, giving yourself permission to shine, and in doing so, releasing and inspiring those around you to blaze. Amazing things happen when the best in who you are inspires the best within the people around you.

Many people finding themselves in a management titled role realise that leadership turns out to be more demanding, complicated and burdensome than they thought. With a lack of know-how and time to reflect and recognise, they default to behaviours and systems that suck the oxygen from the room, and the energy from their teams.

The Company You Keep has a dream for all leaders, chosen, accidental and self-propelled, to go after high performance with courage and humility by being brave enough to get real. Get real about what it takes, to understand that ‘people skills’ are not nice-to-haves, they’re everything. Get real about how people learn, how they love to be led, and get real about performance being built on a foundation on trust.

So really – it’s not about you at all, but it starts and never ends at the heart of your matter. We’ll work with you to get to the heart of what you’re all about, and share with you the evidence based tools to accelerate your effectiveness to make it all stick. So when the pressure comes on, first, you will breathe, and then you’ll get to work.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it away.

Pablo Picasso.







High performing individuals and teams understand what makes them tick and leverage their collective talents and execution skills to deliver remarkable results.

We are super passionate about helping people grow within themselves and within their organisations, making healthier, wealthier communities. We are all about setting people up to flourish, to smash targets and to lead authentically with courage and heart.

We only work with companies who are committed to empowering their talent to shine. For teams and individuals we’re looking for a willingness to get real about what it takes to excel. Our focus is on authentic , inside-out leadership that powers the pursuit of your purpose.

Acceleration and immersion are proven adult education approaches that underpin the design of all our leadership development programmes. We go fast and far, and we dive deep to master the fundamentals of leadership.

Unlocking the potential within your people is critical to your organisation’s success.

You will only achieve outstanding sustainable results when your people are encouraged, trained, expected to and set up to shine.

You need a proven results-focused leadership development programme that elevates the performance of your people and delivers exceptional results.

The challenges faced by today’s companies aren’t going away. The extraordinary fast pace of change, the jolting disruption of business-models and investors and the invested’s demands, means your people are under more pressure than ever before. We can help.

Spotlight on you

Personal professional growth
Facing the tough stuff
High trust, exceptional outcomes


Get expert coaching and individual guidance with a series of one on one coaching sessions. Informal over a coffee, or more structured with targeted check-ins, we’ll work with you to design a coaching relationship that develops your leadership and delivers the shifts you are looking for.

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Accelerating leadership capacity
Unleashing talent
Inspiring greatness. Yes, really!


Explore and expand your leadership capacity in this residential two day immersion workshop. Designed specifically to cover the critical skills and behaviours of leadership success, you’ll come away with new tools, new understandings and a clear action plan for you next phase of leadership growth.

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Moving mountains

Big shifts for your teams
Ready, set, go for projects
Co-created for your culture


Does your organisation face unique challenges that demand a fresh, innovative approach to growing leadership capacity? We purpose build programmes using the latest evidence based techniques to deliver in a way that works for you. Aligning with your strategy and organisation’s values enables a transformative learning experience that’s bespoke for your business and nails the issues that most affect you.

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Workshop it

Extract the team genius
Crafting collaboration
Strategic framework


Get expert workshop facilitation and guidance on the development of, or your review and evolution of, your business Strategic Plan. Briefing, planning and crafting a bespoke workshop plan to draw out the collective genius of your team to articulate a clear Strategy, including: Vision / Purpose, Values / Manifesto, the Critical Success Factors and Guiding Principles. We’ll work with you to design a process that enables collaboration for the nuances of your team, the wider organisation and the context you operate in, and delivers the Strategy Facilitation you are looking for to accelerate the company you keep.

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Finding purpose

Lack of clarity, conviction and compelling communication of your company’s purpose leads to disenchantment with people wondering what it’s all about and not being willing to get stuck in. When your people don’t understand how their skills and aspirations align with your company’s strategy and purpose just check out. Your culture disintegrates and opportunities to innovate get missed.

Disconnectedness in an overwhelming connected world

Submerged in email, project software and social media, the digital inputs strike at the heart of our basic human need to connect, to belong. Lack of transparency between gate keepers, and competition amongst colleagues creates lonely leaders, drags down their personal power and disengages their people. Even well written, well-intended comms becomes just another email to deal with.

Shareholder, stakeholder involvement

Investors and the invested, including the conscious consumer with a #twitterhandle drive increased demands and calls for accountability and higher standards. Leaders must create positive change for the world on moral, environmental and social scorecards while balancing better shareholder and community health and wealth. Your social licence to operate can shift on you quickly if you are not plugged into the issues that matter most to those around you.

Morality and ethics activism

It’s overdue, but it’s here. People who have been powerless for too long are standing up and speaking out challenging the status quo. #timesup. Leaders have to adjust to this groundswell and understand how to deal with unconscious and unhealthy bias behaviours, attitudes, systems. The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

Millennials are now the leaders

The era of what McKinsey calls the “War on Talent” is real. Companies are competing for talent and the best people who are in much higher demand, are more mobile, and are moving between companies much more fluidly. It’s not like it used to be and we can’t talk about ‘the Millennials’, they are the ones we should be listening to. Millennials are increasingly our leaders and we need to redesign our organisations not only to meet their needs but to give voice to their aspirations and ideas.

As leaders we need to look in to our hearts as well as our minds to be open and vulnerable, to think about what more, or what less it might take to lead in the face of the unknown.

We’d love to discuss which leadership development programme will deliver the right result for The Company You Keep.

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